Meet the Scientific Committee

13th Annual Psychology Health and Medicine Conference
Conference Scientific Committee.

 Dr. Samantha Dockray, Chair

Samantha HeadShot

Samantha is a Lecturer in the School of Applied Psychology at University College Cork. Samantha leads the Biology, Emotions and Transitions (BEATs) Lab. Samantha’s research examines the correlates and consequences of adolescent health and well-being, with a focus on biobehavioural responses to experience.  Her work is particularly interested in the dynamic interactions of puberty, context and psychosocial resources as they relate to the biological and behavioural predictors of allostatic load.

Dr. Karen Matvienko-Sikar 

karen head shot

Karen is a Postdoctoral Research in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, UCC. Her research interests are primarily in health psychology, particularly focusing on childhood obesity, the perinatal period, and psychophysiological indicators of well-being.

Ms. Siobhan O’Neill

siobhan o heaadshotSiobhán graduated from University College Cork with a B.A. (Hons) in Applied Psychology in 2012 and is now an Irish Research Council funded PhD Candidate in UCC. Her research relates to health in adolescence, with a focus on how stress and sleep can impact health status, and the impact of technology use on sleep. Siobhán is a member of the Biology, Emotions & Transitions (BEATS) Lab and the Resilience and Transitions Research Group.

Ms. Gillian Murphy

Gillian is a PhD candidate in the School of Applied Psychology at University gillian headshotCollege Cork and a current Fulbright scholar. Gillian’s research focuses on the regulation of attention when driving and how that interacts with everyday factors such as physiological stress, anxiety, perceptual load and cognitive load. Gillian is a member of the Biology, Emotions & Transitions (BEATS) Lab in UCC and is funded by the Irish Research Council.

Ms. Lisa Murphy

lisa murphy headLisa is an Irish Research Council funded PhD Candidate in the School of Applied Psychology, UCC. Lisa’s interests lie in the role of Time Orientation (i.e. the relative extent of cognitive involvement in the past, the present and the future) in engagement in health risk behaviours, such as smoking, and health protective behaviours, such as getting regular exercise. The primary aim of Lisa’s research is to incorporate individual differences in Time Orientation into models of complex health behaviours, as well as in public health behaviour change initiatives and personalised behaviour change interventions.

Mr. Owen Jump

Owen Jump is a year 2 PhD candidate in the School of Applied Psychology in UCC. Owen is conducting research into how technology will be used in real world ambulatory settings in a broad range of health psychology applications. This research aims to contribute to our understanding of suicide, masculinity and mental toughness, and autism spectrum disorders.

Dr. Audrey DunnGalvin

crop audrey dunn galvinAudrey is a Lecturer in the School of Applied Psychology, with research interests in quality of life measures children, teens, and families, and her work focuses on the psychobiosocial experience of food allergy and chronic disease. Audrey also serves on the Editorial Boards of Frontiers in Psychology, Journal of Clinical Paediatrics and Frontiers in Science.

Dr. Margaret O’Rourke


Margaret is a Consultant Forensic Clinical Psychologist and Director of Behavioural Science at the School of Medicine, University College Cork; she is a practicing forensic and clinical psychologist, researcher and medical educator. Margaret is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and has served as President ( 2014) of the Psychological Society of Ireland, and is a member of the PSI Scientific Committee.

Dr. Gerry Molloy


Gerry is the Chair of the Division of Health Psychology in the Psychological Society of Ireland, and a lecturer in the School of Psychology in NUI Galway where he leads the MEDication Adherence across the Lifespan (MEDAL) research group.  Gerry’s primary research interests focus on the question, ‘How does the immediate social environment and one’s personality influence health and illness across the lifespan?’ In this work self-regulation models from behavioural sciences are used to understand how aspects of social relationships interact with individual differences to influence health and illness throughout life.

Dr. Marion McLaughlin

marion maclaughlin

Marion chaired the Conference Scientific Committee in 2015 and is a Lecturer in Health Psychology at Ulster University. She is a Chartered Psychologist, Associate Fellow of the BPS, and member of the Northern Ireland Branch of the BPS and DHP-NI. She is a member of the School of Psychology Research Institute with specific research interests in child health and well-being, theoretical applications to health and in particular the use of the theory of planned behaviour for the design and evaluation of behavioural change interventions including sexual health and oral health.