Submissions are no longer being accepted: Deadline 23.59 (DST) Friday 25th March.  


Preferred Mode of Presenting

In addition to Oral and Poster submissions, we encourage submissions under the headings Psychology in Action and Research in Development.

Psychology in Action is a forum to share examples of good practice and have an opportunity to engage in useful dialogue with colleagues; the essential element for this type of submission, therefore, is that it must have a base in practice.

Research in Development provides a forum to present research in planning phase, and should include a literature review, study rationale and outline the study proposal; however, data is not required for this type of submission.

Both Psychology in Action and Research in Development will be considered for poster presentations.

Abstract Submission

Abstracts of accepted papers are published in booklet form for the benefit of attendees at the conference. Abstract submissions should not exceed 250 words exclusive of the submission title. Abstracts should not include references.

Oral Presentations are allocated 15 minute slots on the programme.  Poster presentations will be timetabled in the programme in sessions that allow opportunities for presenters to discuss the work and findings.

Review of abstracts.

Submissions will be blind reviewed by at least two nominees of the Conference Committee according to established criteria and standards. Submissions will be considered solely on the information provided. If a submission does not have the required detail (as above) it will not be reviewed. From time to time referees may feel that a particular submission lends itself to a different format to that which is proposed and in these cases authors will be invited to consider an alternative format.